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Ali Zaenal Abidin

Each one of us is influencing each other and the whole universe whether we realize it or not...

I guess the more we stop and think about it, the more we will realize how influential we are, how limitless is the potential we have, and how big can one change the world...

Thanks for the post Pak...

from Sofia with smile,

Asep Supriyadi

Every time, you give us inspiration and I feel it is helpful.
I agree with this book you review. I also apply to make life better than yesterday. Even it is a small aspect. I also think that if I am better than yesterday I am successfull.
Thanks, Pak Hermawan we are always waiting your next articles.

Peter Adi Saputro

I think this is a good book to read and maybe it will be very inspiring me. Can I find this book in Surabaya? This article also remind me to learn to share my knowledge and experience with other.
Thanks Pak. :)

Peter Adi Saputro


Seems to be another inspiring book worth reading. We tend to think highly of famous people in power or business, while paying little attention to those who are kind, genuine, and sincere at heart and make more lasting impact to their small worlds, including ours. Not all of us are wealthy and powerful, but everyone of us can make a difference.

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