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anton dewantoro

I am very glad and proud to be Indonesian. Although there are some feud between chinese descent and "native" Indonesian in the past but mainly we live in harmony up to now. Here in South Africa I see that most people still clustered in mind. Rugby is for white and soccer for the black. This must never happen in our lovely land Indonesia.

Asep Supriyadi

Hemm...It's a nice comment from Mr Anton Dewantoro. I also agree with you. Indonesia is a very wonderful country. But like a big stone. If we want to make it to be a beatiful statue, we just need to get rid some bad behave off. I am sure we can do it. See me at


maaf saya tidak memberi komentar tapi bertanya
saya mahasiswa UPI(universitas pendidikan indonesia) Bandung, saya sekarang lagi menyusun proposal skripsi saya tertarik dengan artikel anda tentang rejuvenasi brand untuk di jadikan tema skripsi
"saya ingin bertanya kira-kira buku-buku yang mengulas tentang rejuvesai itu buku karangan siapa dan penerbitnya siapa?.

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