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Hans S. Mandalas

Jakarta, 9 June 2007

Dear Bro. Hermawan, " Indonesia and ASEAN Philip Kotler,


I am sure..., your wonderful seminar at CIRES FISIP UI, has inspired them and all of us, to keep the FIRE OF HOPE BURNING when things are going tougher.... in the ASEAN Single Market - 2015.

I do believe, the best way to prepare ourselves to face SINGLE MARKET ( ASEAN )i.e. :

To have 'unshakeable fighting spirit and determination " as :

( not only as 'good' CEOs ) and

( not only as 'good'Marketers )


Marketing means Business
Business is about WAR ( Jack Trout )

Let me quote what Jack Trout ever wrote :

... this means that the principles of Marketing Warfare " are more important than ever. Companies must learn how to deal with their competitors - how to avoid their strengths and how to exploit their weaknesses. Organizations must learn that it's not about DO or DIE for your company.
IT's about making the other gue DIE for his company."

That is why " Business Generals and Marketing Generals " must always remember :
It is fatal to enter any war ( business war ) without the WILL TO WIN it. ( General Douglas Mac Arthur. )

Also...., as Jack Welch, former CEO GE ever said : Asked who does the best developing leaders : major corporations, Harvard, other universities, or consultants ?
The answer : ' THE US MILITARY '

Finally, I do believe, the readers of THINK ASEAN ! will prepare themselves as BUSINESS GENERALS and MARKETING GENERALS to win the WAR - ASEAN MARKET - 2015, as Philip Kotler ever said : Never enter the battle before winning the WAR.

Therefore, now is the time for INDONESIAN PEOPLE to ' WAKE UP ' and WIN the WAR ( in ASEAN - 2015 ).

God bless you and all of us...!

Have more power and unlimited wisdom...!

Hans S. Mandalas
Promoter Seminar Philip Kotler's Wisdom ( 1991,1994, 2007 )

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