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KNOW:Know How / Knowledge : use the utmost know-how and knowledge to win the competition.

LEAN: leaning your cost, be efficient to be more competitive against your comptitor.

MOTIVATION: Motivate your customers and yourself.

MOTIVATION: Motivate your customers and yourself.

NEED : Never skip the NEED in marketing. Create the need for consumers.

ODD : Be unusual to be always remembered by consumers.

PERSISTENCE : Be persistence with the objectives you have set.

QUALITY : Quality always go together with what you offer to the market. Never leave it behind.

RELATIONSHIP : Stay connected with your customers. Build and maintain good relationship.

SATISFACTION : customers' satisfaction keeps them loyal. Satisfy the customers.

TOTAL : All out in getting your product to the market.

I have been reading your articles and books since more than 10 years ago. I just found your blog lately. It allows me to be updated with your thoughts and able to keep on monitoring even I am stationed in Vietnam. Thank you.

agung halim

K-Z Laws

Kartajaya Effect – Be Uniquely Yourself (BUY) to gain TOM (Top of Mind)

Leverage = small effort, big effect

Multiple Channels, not just one

Narcissistic = have positive image, before others can appreciate

Open-mind = be willing to learn even from competitors

Price = dare to pay the price to effect the necessary changes

Quantum leaps your competitors to stay ahead of the game

Relationship factor = all marketing is relationships. You cannot market to nobody

Spiritual = beyond marketing

Trump’s Finger = “You are fired”, dare to fire the unworthy to get crème de la crème

Universal = global OK local OK

Victoria’s Secret = Law of Attraction = Rhonda Byrne’s “the Secret”

Way of life = marketing is the lifeblood of the company/organization

Xtraordinary = transcending the ordinary

Yin-yang balance =marketing in Venus

Zealot enthusiasm = aim for “evangelist” customers who will promote enthusiastically


Wow, it's good information and reference to make/building marketing and business idea. Thanks for your ebook, sir!

Account Deleted

thanks sir, you are inspiring

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