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Hans S. Mandalas

Dear Brother Hermawan Kartajaya, INDONESIA and ASEAN PHILIP KOTLER, my good friend...,


We are proud of you and Ms. Kania Sutisnawinata.... because both of you..., are the 'AMBASSADORS of INDONESIA " via WONDERFUL PROGRAM : INDONESIA NOW.

May God bless you all..., and I do believe this very special ' interview ' will be an inspiration to all of us..., to keep the fire of hope burning ..., from now ..., till we enter ..., ASEAN SINGLE MARKET - 2015...!

All of us..., will win the ' battle ' and ' war ' - in the Asean Single Market 2015, because : ' Nothing is Impossible '..., if we have unshakeable determination (faith) to win...!

Have more power, wisdom, hope and unlimited
dedicating spirit, while serving mankind... till the end of this world...!

Hans S. Mandalas
Promoter of Kotler's Wisdom Seminar - Indonesia ( 1991, 1994 and 2007 )
Public servant
A disciple of Peter Ferdinand Drucker ( 1996 ) Claremont.

irviyanti P. Agustina

it's wonderful... i saw the interview...

i'm totally agree with Mr. Hans S. Mandalas...(this very special ' interview ' will be an inspiration to all of us...) and that's true... i am the one who has inspired by that interview...
i promise to you Mr. Hermawan Kartajaya. in this 5 years i'll find you as a good marketer...

maybe i'll being on your third generation on MarkPlus. AMIN...

your book support me much more than you thought...

best regards
IRVI, on my 20 years old.


That is quite interesting Mister.

Maybe I'll look for that book the next time I go to a bookstore.

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