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BOB marketing

Greetings .. Pak Hermawan
Congrats on a successful launch of the book and your Birthday!

Wish you all the best and keep inspiring us. I always apply your teachings of spiritual & sharing in my marketing.

Now, I have built a website to share the latest internet marketing strategies and tools to build profitable online business.


Keep inspiring Pak Hermawan

warmest regards,
Bobby Leong

Ivan Widjaya

Good book pak Hermawan. Somebody HAS to write about this for churches HAS to be prosperous!

Just for thoughts, I believe Joel Osteen's church in USA MUST BE the most profitable church of all... and profit is good! money can't buy you anything, but money CAN buy you opportunities... especially opportunities for those who do good: Churches HAVE TO BE prosperous in order to serve more and more communities.

Thanks for the great book!

Ivan Widjaya
personal blog:

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