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I'm very sure that america will have to choose between continuing the war in iraq or help the people it their contry it self, but we already see the they choose to continuin war, it figure from the money they spent to help their country :|

Asia will have to struggle, especialy Indonesia who almost crush down by the dollar. If I and you also all of the people can see the oppurtunity because america can't think, Asia will rule. I really hope the politician in Indonesia think about their people not their self :|


unfortunately, it's always the big politicians who have full right to choose.

and the BIG one is not always the wise one..

(I do hope the same thing as you andri ^^)

VaN sKuK

if AmericaN cannot think anymore, soon there will be new power from European Union or eveN cHIna. These two nation can be the nexT chaPter in the WorlD. AnD for Indonesia, let's support the goverment to rebuild this nation. make image to our country, do not copy. just be the True IndOnesiaN.


Well, history has told us that there will always be a shifting of power among nations in the world. Sooner or later, America shall not be the super power country anymore, either because of its own choice to continue the war or due to something else. There must be huge shifting in the world 'map' of economic, politic, bsiness, etc and there will be adjustments following the shift. I do not think that we are in a dangerous position. Learning from the fall of the giant USSR, the 'magic hand' mechanism will create new landscape ( as you mention) and the need for survival of the other countries will drive the the process smoothly. The choice is simple: we'll be using the moment tactfully to enhance our position, or we'll just be like the way we are currently...

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